Recent News

Ongoing issues with AT&T mobile

Many of our customers are reporting issues accessing our service from AT&T mobile data.

Unfortunately, the issue is with AT&T rather than us and we have no control over or ability to fix this. A number of our customers have been talking to AT&T, who believe a routing issue at their end is the problem and that a solution is due imminently.

In the meantime, if you are affected, you can work around this issue by using a VPN on your mobile device. Customers have reported success with ProtonVPN, a free and anonymous VPN service.

ASM 44

ASM 44 is now available. This release adds support for accepting payments with PayPal and Stripe, media retention policies, ability to move the pin in minimaps, conditional fields in online forms, better RTL support and Hebrew translation, DST support, image watermarking, auditing of login/logout and record views, friendly query builder for creating user reports, improved support for vouchers, support for US 2 letter state codes and phone numbers, animal popup warnings and over 150 incremental improvements and bug fixes.

Hosting Price Increase

With effect from 1st April, 2021, our biennial price rise will take effect. In light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we've decided to adopt a low rise of just under 3%, which is below cumulative inflation for the last 3 years. Prices will increase to:

Currency 3 months 6 months 12 months
United States Dollars$110.00$190.00$350.00
UK Pound Sterling£70.00£115.00£215.00
Australian Dollars$125.00$220.00$405.00
Canadian Dollars$120.00$210.00$395.00

We think continues to represent the best value shelter management package available. We've added many new features over the last few years and continued to partner with other animal welfare tech leaders and invest in our server infrastructure.

If you choose to renew before the 1st April, 2021 - regardless of when your next renewal date is, you can pay your next subscription payment at the current prices through the "Renewal Information" section of the my account page.

Payment Processor Integration

ASM now supports requesting payments from customers via email through payment processors. Initial support is provided for Stripe and PayPal. The ASM payment record will auto update with the received date, fee and transaction data when successful payment has been made by the customer.

We do not act as a middleman and you maintain your own relationship with the payment processor. We charge no fees for this integration, unlike other services that charge a percentage of your transactions.

This feature is the first building block in planned features for adoption self-checkout and online license renewals.

ASM 43

ASM 43 is now available. This release adds complete Portugese, French and Hungarian translations, Python3 compatibility, record undelete, new wordkeys to output the complete medical histories, online forms can finally create animal records, new shelter view modes, users can reset their own passwords and many minor improvements were made and bugs fixed.

Hosting Price Freeze

This is the normal time for our biennial price rise. Given the current state of uncertainty around the US and UK economies along with the current global pandemic, we've decided not to raise our hosting prices this year. The current hosting prices will be frozen until at least April, 2021.

ASM 2.8.16

An update to the ASM 2 branch has been released. This release fixes PetFinder uploads and removes support for the defunct service.

ASM 42 patch

ASM 42 has been patched with a fix to allow uploading to PetFinder again. To upgrade, download 42 again and copy it over your existing installation.

ASM 42

ASM 42 is available. This release adds more locales and the ability to upload pictures with online forms. The main focus has been bug fixing. MySQL users are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible due to a data destruction bug when deleting media in 41 and problems with stats on the home page.

ASM 41

ASM 41 is available. This release adds more locales, a clinic appointment and waiting room management interface, better configuration management, S3 storage and many bug fixes and minor enhancements.