About sheltermanager.com

sheltermanager.com is a secure, managed, online solution for animal shelters, rescue groups and animal control facilities. It offers tools to track and report on animals passing through the care of your organisation, their welfare and medical requirements, publicise adoptable animals online, receive digital application forms, manage staff tasks and rotas, deal with complaints and licensing, fundraising and handle the accounts.

It is perfect for organisations with many staff and volunteers, who need to connect from home and on the move. All you need is an internet connection and web browser. sheltermanager.com works with all computer operating systems, tablets and smartphones.

We are committed to offering shelters freedom and choices. We freely give away our software product Animal Shelter Manager under an open source license for shelters with the know-how to install and manage the software themselves. You can download your data from us in multiple formats at any time, without having to ask. Our software has been actively maintained and used by thousands of shelters around the world since 1999.

We aim to be honest and transparent at all times: Our complete price list is available and there are no gimmicks. You pay one subscription fee and get all our services and features without restrictions. You can try an interactive demo here on our website without having to give us any details or having anyone hassle you. We don't advertise at you, we don't touch your data and we don't make you buy other products and services from anyone.

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