Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are about the site. We also have specific frequently asked questions about ASM2 and ASM3

Your site says this software is free, why are you talking about fees?

We give the software away, you can install it on your own computers free of charge. We charge a fee to host an installation of the software on our servers. It means we manage everything for you, including backups, administration, support - you can just connect with any internet enabled device.

A comparison of hosting vs open source.

What happens after we signup?

You will receive an email in the next few minutes that confirms your login details and how to access your new database.

How much is it? What do you get?

See the Pricing and Signup page for details.

It's too expensive, can't you offer the service cheaper?

We do everything we can to keep our overheads as low as possible so we can offer our services to shelters at the cheapest price possible. We also give away our software under an open source licence if you want to do-it-yourself.

Do you have a policy on refunds/returns?

Yes, if is not working for you within 30 days of signing up, then let us know and we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Please note that we cannot refund credit card processing and currency exchange fees, which typically amount to around $10 on a 12 month subscription.

Do we need to buy any other software?

No. Our software comes complete with full accounting package, word processor and report editor - there's nothing else to buy.

How do we get support?

Email support is provided. Support requests are typically fulfilled within an hour during support hours of 10am to 6pm GMT

Can you convert my existing data?

Yes. We can import data from your existing ASM installation, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, AdoptAFriend, AnimalShelterNet, Ark, iShelters, PetFinder, PetPal, PetPoint, PetWhere, ShelterBuddy, ShelterPro and Trackabeast.

If you have an existing ASM2 installation, then there is a guide here on what files you need to send to us.

We can also undertake bespoke conversions from any system, spreadsheets, etc.

What happens if we don't renew?

24 hours after your renewal date, your account will be put into read only mode. You have 7 days to take a copy of your data if you wish to run it offline with the open source version of the product. After that, your data will be removed from our servers.

Will you remind us to renew?

You will get email reminders 2 weeks, 1 week, 2 days and 1 day before your renewal date with instructions on where/how to pay. You can use UK bank transfer, PayPal or any major credit card. The renewal URL can be given to donors if you would like someone else to pay the fee.

PayPal won't accept my credit card!

We currently rely on PayPal to take all our overseas (non-UK) payments and we don't have any control over their website, making it difficult for us to offer help with that.

If you don't have a PayPal account and don't want to create one, you should be able to choose "Checkout as a guest" when redirected to PayPal from our site. This allows you to pay using a credit card. However, if that credit card has been linked to a PayPal account previously, they will refuse the payment - expecting you to use the PayPal account that card is linked with instead.

You can also link a bank account to a PayPal account to use as a source of funds instead of using credit cards.

Is there a restriction on the number of records or space we can use?

No. You can create as many users as you like, as many animals as you like and have as many people accessing the system at once as you like. There are no restrictions. Should you attempt to use what we would deem an unreasonable amount of storage either due to using the system in a way it is not intended, or for malicious purposes, we will discuss options with you when appropriate.

How will our data backups be handled?

The servers are held in secure data centers. Backups are taken every Monday morning at 4am local time. Transaction logs are then tracked for the week, allowing for full Point-In-Time recovery to any point during the week. You can also download and take a complete snapshot of your data at any time from the SQL interface screen within the program. Each week, we rotate the snapshots into longer term, encrypted off-site storage, which we retain for 31 days.

Where will our data be stored?

We operate servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. We will put your account on a server located closest to you geographically. We choose how close you are based on the locale you select when signing up.

For large binary data, such as images, scans of paperwork and stored documents, these are stored in Amazon S3. Large binary objects may be stored in a different region from your server. All objects are encrypted and locked down such that only our servers can access them.

How secure is our data?

We use nothing but industry-standard SSL for all communcations between your browser and our servers, we use a highly secure 10,000 iteration PBKDF2 algorithm for password storage and we regularly conduct pen-testing for SQL injection, XSS and CRSF attacks. Where possible all data is encrypted at rest with industry standard AES-256 encryption.

What happens if there's a security breach or you lose our data?

We have professional indemnity and business insurance in the event that we make any mistake that could damage or severely impact your organisation. We take excessive care when it comes to security and since we started offering our service in 2007 we have never had a single security breach or lost anyone's data.

We're a US government entity, can we get an IRS withholding form W8/W9 for our payments to you as a supplier?

Yes, download a copy of our current W8-BEN-E form

Our employee has the master password and won't give it up!

If you have access to the email address we have on file for your account, you can use the "forgotten password" link on the login screen to get a copy of the master password sent to that email.

If you have access to the email address linked to the PayPal account paying the bill for your shelter, then contact us and we'll issue a reminder to that address instead.

If you have neither, please email us a scanned letter:

What happens if your company disappears or something happens to your key staff? has minimal overheads and good cashflow, it's extremely unlikely we'll be going out of business. The directors built this business carefully and responsibly, and have no plans to sell the business or change the current successful formula.

In the highly improbable event of the business not being around at a future date, you can download your data from our servers at any time and continue to use and access your data with our open source software (or with Excel and other spreadsheet tools). Since our software is open source, other developers could continue to work on it and you can still get support from local IT professionals. We think this is as future proof as an online service can be and a much better guarantee than you will receive from our competitors.