Payment Processors

ASM can request due payments from customers via a payment processor. Currently, support is available for PayPal, Stripe and Cardcom (Israel only).

For details on configuring payment processors from the options screen at Settings ‣ Options ‣ Payment Processors, see Payment Processors

Requesting a payment

To request a payment from a customer, first create that payment in either the payment tab for a person or animal, or Financial ‣ Payment Book

Your payment should have a due date, but no received date.


Next, request payment from the customer by selecting your payment from the list and clicking “Request Payment” followed by the processor you would like to use to receive the payment.


The screen will pop up an email dialog, allowing you to complete details of the message to be sent requesting the payment. Use document templates to store commonly used emails and populate the text by choosing them from the Template dropdown at the bottom of the dialog.

The payment request link will be appended to the bottom of your message after you hit Send.


The subject line of your request email will be used as the description of the item presented to the customer when they pay.


The resulting email will end up in the customer’s inbox with a clickable link to pay with the payment processor.

Note the payment references that ASM uses are in the form of PERSON-RECEIPTNUMBER to prevent one person receiving a payment request from changing or guessing another receipt number to try and access another customer’s payment.

The subject line of your email will be used as the payment description at the checkout. ASM will default the comments from the selected payment and if they are not present, will suggest the payment type.


Once payment has been completed, the system will automatically update the received date on the payment record. If you have the option on to create matching accounting transactions for received payments, a transaction will be written at this point. If you have configured an expense account for transaction fees, a transaction will be written to deduct the fee and send it to the expense account.


Requesting fulfilment of multiple payments

Payment requests are linked to receipt numbers rather than individual payments.

While most payments will have their own receipt numbers, it is also possible to create multiple due payments on the same receipt number by using the Financial ‣ Receive a payment or Move ‣ Adopt an animal screens.

For these screens to allow you to set the due date, you need to have set the option Settings ‣ Options ‣ Accounts ‣ When receiving multiple payments, allow the due and received dates to be set

When choosing a due payment from the Payment Book or a payment tab, the other payments with the same receipt number will also be included and added to the payment total requested.

Adoption checkout

The adoption checkout feature allows an adopter to complete the adoption process on their mobile device. It allows them to view and sign their adoption paperwork, make an optional donation and then sends them off to your chosen payment processor to pay the adoption fee and donation.

To enable the feature, it must first be configured under Settings ‣ Options ‣ Checkout


The configuration options allow you to choose the payment processor you want to handle the payments, the document template you want to use to create the adoption paperwork, the payment method to use when creating payments and the payment types to use when recording the adoption fee and donation.



Checkout is initiated from the movement tab of the person or animal (or the reservation or “recently adopted” books). It can be done from either a reservation or adoption movement, although if you do use a reservation you will need to manually convert it to an adoption afterwards.

Select the movement and click the “Adopter checkout” button on the toolbar.

If you have not configured the feature, this button will not appear.


The button will prompt you to send an email to the adopter. Relevant information will be pre-filled and as with other email dialogs, you can use a document template or write ad-hoc content.

A link will be added below your email message that links to the checkout system.

Incomplete payments

If the adopter does not complete their payment at this point, the payment records are left outstanding in the system.

If the adopter returns to the checkout by following the link again, or navigating back from the payment processor, the paperwork will not be created and signed again. The adopter can choose a new donation tier if they wish and the system will update the due donation payment record to reflect the new value that they’ve chosen. If they choose the 0 tier, the donation payment record will be deleted.

No matter how many times the adopter returns to the checkout, once payment has been made, the records will be updated.

The system will maintain the checkout state for 48 hours before removing it. After this period, the adopter will receive an error and will not be able to use their checkout link until a member of staff initiates the adoption checkout process again from the movement tab/book.

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