Appendix: Online Form import fields

ASM will recognise fields with the following names when receiving incoming online form submissions. These can be used to create person, lost animal, found animal, incident and waiting list records as well as attach to existing animal records.

The person’s title, eg: Mr
The person’s initials
forenames / firstname
The person’s first name
surname / lastname
The person’s last name
The person’s address
town / city
The person’s town or city
county / state
The person’s county or state
postcode / zipcode
The person’s postcode or zipcode
The person’s home phone number
The person’s work phone number
mobiletelephone / celltelephone
The person’s mobile number
The person’s email address
If this field is supplied and not a blank or “No” in your language, the exclude from bulk email flag will be set for the created person
The description for the lost, found or waiting list animal
The reason the person is putting their animal on the waiting list
The species of the animal. ASM will try and guess based on the text which one is meant. Use a lookup field to limit the choices to known items (or use the Species field type)
The breed of the animal. ASM will try and guess one of it’s lookup values (or use the Breed field type to limit to them)
The age group of the animal. Again, ASM will try and guess one if it’s internal values.
color / colour
The colour of the animal. ASM will try and guess a match (or use the Color field type to limit to them)
The area the animal was lost in (lost animals only)
The area the animal was found in (found animals only)
areapostcode / areazipcode
The postcode/zipcode area the animal was lost or found in
The name of an existing shelter animal to attach this form to if specified (use the adoptable/shelter animal field types to get a valid animal name from your form)
The name of a shelter/adoptable animal to reserve to the imported person record. This is useful when creating adoption application forms to automatically tie the person to the animal they are interested in adopting. Unlike the other keys, you can add a numeric suffix to have multiple animals reserved by the imported person (eg: reserveanimalname1, reserveanimalname2…)
When creating an incident, the incident notes
dispatchaddress / dispatchcity / dispatchstate / dispatchzipcode
The dispatch address for an incident