Mobile Interface

In addition to the web interface, ASM has a special interface for mobile devices, such as your iPhone or Android handset.

_images/mobile_menu.png _images/mobile_reports.png

To access the mobile interface, follow the mobile link at the top right of the login screen.

You can generate any report that doesn’t require criteria and view the details of all the current shelter animals.


You can also mark vaccinations and medical treatments given, add logs to animals, dispatch and respond to animal control incidents, complete diary tasks and mark homechecks as performed. This last item is very useful for volunteers going out to homecheck owners prior to adoption.

Mobile App

An app is available in the Google Play, iTunes and Amazon app stores for mobile devices (search for “sheltermanager”).

The app encapsulates a number of interfaces, which you can choose from a dropdown when logging in.

  • Smartphone Interface: The Mobile interface described above (default)
  • Desktop/Tablet Interface: The “full” interface, on your mobile device
  • Animal Photo Uploader: An area that links to the gallery or camera of your phone and allows you to take or upload existing photos to animal records.